Our services are like having a team of experts dedicated to making sure your home or business runs smoothly.


Computer backups are crucial for your business—they keep your data safe, minimize downtime, and help you recover quickly if something goes wrong.


Device services for you or your business is crucial for keeping all your electronic devices running smoothly, ensuring productivity and minimizing downtime.


Experience hassle-free technology at home with our expert IT services. From troubleshooting, to device setup/repair, and ongoing maintenance, we're here to make your digital life easier.

IT Consulting

IT consulting means getting expert advice and support to make sure your technology works best for you or your business.

Process Automation

Process automation means using technology to streamline repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing errors for your business.

Web Engineering

Web engineering involves designing, developing, and maintaining your websites to ensure they function smoothly and effectively for your business needs.


My laptop had many more issues than what I realized. Kevin found the problems and went “above and beyond” to fix them. He was extremely thorough and gracious.

Joy W.

I've worked with Kevin for years, and his proactive approach to IT support has been invaluable. His technical expertise has saved us time and money, allowing us to focus on the business without IT worries.

John E.

Very professional from the first contact. So happy that I contacted this company. Very happy with the professionalism and promptness.

Sabina B.


Our frequently asked questions (FAQs) address common queries about our services, providing clarity and insight into how they benefit your business. Whether you're seeking to understand backup procedures, consulting options, or web hosting, our FAQs serve as a valuable resource to help you make informed decisions and maximize the value of our offerings.

The frequency of performing endpoint backups depends on factors such as the nature of the data being backed up, the frequency of changes to that data, and the level of risk tolerance for potential data loss. As a general guideline, endpoint backups should ideally be performed regularly, with daily or at least weekly backups being common practice for most organizations. However, critical systems or data that undergo frequent changes may require more frequent backups, such as multiple times per day. Ultimately, it's essential to assess the specific needs and requirements of your organization to determine the optimal backup frequency for endpoint devices.

We will perform a thorough analysis of your systems and help you determine the best backup strategy for your organizations devices.

Device services typically follow a structured process starting with initial assessment and diagnosis of a device issue. Next, our technicians will devise a plan for repair or maintenance, which may involve replacing components, updating software, or performing troubleshooting steps. After implementation, testing ensures that the device functions optimally. Finally, our technicians provide guidance on preventive maintenance and offer ongoing support to address any future issues promptly, ensuring the device operates efficiently over its lifecycle. Keep in mind we will always make sure that you are "in the loop" at every step of this process in order to avoid costly setbacks that may not be immediately noticeable.

In-home IT services provide you with personalized and convenient support, encompassing troubleshooting, device setup and repair, security solutions, software management, and ongoing maintenance—all within the comfort of your own home. From resolving technical issues to setting up new devices and optimizing your computers, in-home IT technicians deliver comprehensive assistance, ensuring a seamless and efficient technology experience.

IT consulting involves providing expert advice and solutions to businesses to enhance their IT systems and processes. We start by assessing the current IT setup, understanding needs and objectives. We then develop tailored strategies to address challenges and achieve goals. This may include recommending hardware and software upgrades, optimizing network infrastructure, enhancing cybersecurity measures, or implementing new technologies to streamline operations. We provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure successful implementation and continuous improvement.

Process automation services typically follow a structured process starting with identifying repetitive tasks and processes. Next, we analyze these processes to determine automation opportunities and develop a customized automation strategy. This involves selecting appropriate tools and technologies to automate tasks such as system provisioning, software deployment, and incident resolution. Implementation of automation solutions follows, often in iterative phases, with thorough testing and refinement to ensure seamless integration and effectiveness. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance are crucial to optimize automation workflows and adapt to evolving business needs, ultimately improving efficiency and reducing manual workload for staff.

Web engineering services typically kick off by understanding your business needs and goals, followed by crafting a blueprint for your website's design and functionality. Skilled engineers then bring this blueprint to life, coding and building your website using cutting-edge technologies. Thorough testing ensures everything works seamlessly before launching your site to the world. Post-launch, continuous support and maintenance keep your website running smoothly, ensuring it evolves with your business needs and stays ahead of the curve in terms of performance and security.