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Kessler Automation LLC

Welcome to Kessler Automation, your premier destination for holistic IT solutions. Since our inception in 2023, we've unwaveringly dedicated ourselves to providing elite services spanning device management, web engineering, backup solutions, in-home support, and consultancy. Our mission is clear: to furnish businesses with tailored, reliable solutions crafted to drive success in the digital arena. With an unyielding commitment to excellence, we're poised to elevate your IT infrastructure to unprecedented levels. Explore our story and discover the diverse ways we can empower you to flourish in today's digital landscape.

Business is like steering a cargo ship, and information technology serves as the navigational system, guiding the ship through complex waters. While the vessel may not rely on sails, IT helps ensure smooth sailing, optimizing routes, and navigating challenges to reach its destination efficiently.

Originating as a humble startup in St. Clair County, we swiftly garnered acclaim for our customer-centric ethos. Our services quickly evolved to encompass computer repair, web engineering, backups, in-home assistance, and IT consulting. Anchored by our values of integrity and innovation, we persistently drive the boundaries of IT and Business forward while upholding unparalleled client service.

Our expertise spans a diverse spectrum, with flagship services anchoring our success. Proactive problem-solving and forward-thinking define our approach, cultivated since our inception in the 1990s. We relentlessly pursue improvement, not only within our operations but also in enhancing client efficiency and satisfaction.

At the heart of our operations lies quality assurance. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence, ensuring every project, be it computer repair or IT consulting, adheres to the highest standards of reliability. Our commitment to innovation fuels our anticipation for the future. We are poised to embrace technological advancements and industry shifts, continuously investing in cutting-edge technology and staff training.

Looking forward, we envision Kessler Automation expanding its service repertoire, venturing into new markets, and spearheading solutions that empower businesses in the digital era. With our steadfast dedication to quality and innovation, the future holds boundless possibilities for Kessler Automation and our esteemed clients.